S.G. Art Inc.

S.G. Art Inc. was established in 2020.

We're a group that's passionate about games, and we are adamant about a balance between quality and development speed.

It is our belief that only by producing high-quality games at a fast rate are we able to get our products on the market at the right time.

We strive to make our products precise and agile, like the blade of a warrior, capturing the market in a single blow.

Just like a warrior, we have no fear as we march forward. Onward, to the land that we can call our own!

Just like the motto of our creator, Fate Liu: "Never be afraid, Keep on moving."





As Caesar, the stongest archdemon in all the land, wage war and assert dominance across the demon world, human world, and even that of the heavens!

Gradually build your very own army of concubines: not only warm and loving, but fierce and powerful!

Invade! Dominate! Take every woman you see as your own personal plaything!


"I wage war only to take women as my own—now, obey your master!"

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